NFTNYC 2024 Interview: David Iseminger on ATTN.LIVE

NFTNYC 2024 Interview on ATTN.LIVE

CEO and Co-Founder David Iseminger was interviewed at the recent NFTNYC 2024 conference. David spoke about the need for secure, private payments being available for both Web2 and Web3 and how IronWeave is solving this problem.


David Iseminger: So my name is David Iseminger. I am with Upheaval and we are the creators
of IronWeave, which enables private payments for Web 2 and Web 3 in a decentralized platform at scale.

Ted Hahs: Sweet. Okay so tell me more about that. Who are you targeting?

David Iseminger:  So today in blockchain and in crypto when you're sending payments it's all in the clear. Like you're you're walking around, you're making payments. And what you do can be determined by people who are paying attention and maybe using some AI against the the chains that are out there doing that. That leaves a lot of businesses, capital and industries sitting on the sidelines that can't have that. So with IronWeave, we have a solution that enables you to make private, compliant payments between parties that are encrypted and ensure that the information that you're putting out there is private, compliant and between your counterparties.

Ted Hahs: So you spoke here at NFTNYC. How did that go?

David Iseminger:  It went great. There was a lot of interest. I mean, today
privacy is is a big deal. When you look at the fact that AT&T just had over 73
million records hacked, the need for privacy and security and the capability
to have your data safe and secure and encrypted in ways that only you can
access is important. Not just for Web 3 but for Web 2 and anything that's online.
And so our platform is unique in the way that it can ensure that the information
that you have online is secure and owned by you encrypted and private and

Ted Hahs: Well, that's the whole point of Web 3. Security, privacy, owning that. So I'm glad you guys are solving real world problems. So what are you most passionate about right now?

David Iseminger:  So right now we are on the cusp of this new era of the internet where everything is online and increasingly online. And our interactions are, whether we want them to
be (or not), being placed in this online world that really it doesn't have the security and privacy infrastructure necessary. With IronWeave any sort of data, whether it's payments, whether it's messages, whether it's whatever data you want, can be encrypted and owned by you in private. So you have Read, Write, and Own and the next step is Secure. And that's what IronWeave can do at scale. We're at over a million interactions per second.

Ted Hahs: All right wonderful. So now tell the audience where can they find you.

David Iseminger:  So you can find us on X @IronWeave. You can find us at and we're looking forward to hearing from you, interacting and enabling you to own your own data in a private secure way.

Ted Hahs: Well thank you so much. Thank you for your time. Great interview, great getting to know you live. And thank you so much for your attention and stay tuned for our next live