IronWeave Pay: Raising the Bar, Commanding Attention

David Iseminger presents at NFTNYC 2024

Next Frontier Of Secure and Private Payments: Web2 to Web3

The IronWeave Team has a clear, focused mission. To offer an alternative to the broken centralized payments systems of traditional finance and the inadequate payment options now in Web3.

IronWeave Pay will let you or your business send payments that are secure, private and compliant. You won’t have to be a crypto degen (wait, what does that even mean?) or own multiple crypto wallets. 

It will just work.

This payment system will integrate with the current finance and banking system using well-known, battle tested software and will be compliant in whatever regulatory environment it’s being used. We hope it will quickly become boring. Boring like GPS. As ho-hum as internal combustion engines. As boring as smartphones, Wi-Fi or video conferencing. 

In tech, we love boring. That’s why we’re excited.

David Iseminger being interviewed on ATTNLIVE streaming service.

In the past few months we’ve held countless conversations with potential partners, investors, and a wide range of potential people, or end users if you like jargon. We want to know if they agree that there’s an urgent need for payment systems that return control to people and companies. A need for speed, for privacy that the major L1 chains don’t offer, for lower fees, all while allowing their transactions to be compliant with regulations

Recently, we’ve been invited to conferences and events across the country from West to East coasts and in between. We’ve clearly identified a pain point that resonates. IronWeave is being recognized as a payment pain reliever. 

Taking point position on this has been David Iseminger, CEO and Co-Founder of IronWeave. David brings a full quiver of experience and skills to the hunt for the next disruptive innovation in payments. With over 20 years leading teams at MicroSoft, David’s expertise encompasses enterprise scaling, OS stack performance, and security. He is the author of a dozen technology books covering networks, protocols and enterprise systems. Additionally, he has taught courses to over fifty thousand students on networks, AI, and blockchain. David’s online courses are syndicated to over 1,500 universities.

“We have a deep conviction that truly broad adoption of decentralized payments will only be possible when they are private, secure, compliant, and easily adoptable by traditional finance participants.” 

- David Iseminger, CEO, Co-Founder of IronWeave

Democratize 24 was an opportunity for David to address the topic of payments and scaling. By decentralizing at scale we’ll all have control over our financial lives, i.e. it will democratize lives, making personal and business finance fairer, private and more secure.

David Iseminger addresses attendees at Democratize 24
David Iseminger addresses attendees at Democratize 24

NFTNYC was an amazing opportunity to contextualize where the next level of payments will fit into the Web3 landscape. Taking the sale and transfer of NFTs as a jumping off point, David laid out our thesis that private-secure and compliant payments will enable the next billion users to join and benefit from Web3 technology. Here’s an example of the great feedback we received.

We even got a commemorative NFT poster of IronWeave session from NFTNYC 2024. 

IronWeave payment technology is getting interest from everywhere, and we are thrilled that the world is as excited about it as we are.