IronWeave News: Fireside Chat, NFT.NYC and OMA3 Standards

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Welcome to IronWeave’s monthly news update. Think of these updates as a news skein. 

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The IronWeave story.

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NFT.NYC banner with 3 speakers, Bobby Singh, Clarisse Hagége, and David Iseminger

This coming April we’re going to be at NFT.NYC with CEO and Co-Founder David Iseminger. David will be speaking about NFTs and royalty rights. Among the many use cases for the IronWeave platform, onchain storage of NFTs and enforcing NFT royalties rank as important ones. 

The NFT space is changing at an amazing pace and we’re excited to both witness and be a positive force to guide those changes. Read more about NFT.NYC’s Royalty track and the exciting group of projects presenting there.

IronWeave is hot and beginning to be noticed! We made quite an impression during Tech Week in New York City. 

“IronWeave is a company worth watching. They have big ambitions but speak in measured tones. (that’s a relief) I, for one, will be watching as they bring their first offerings to market.” TechBullion

You can read the glowing details of  those impressions here:[TechWeek 2023] IronWeave Takes Center Stage with Game-Changing Vision

IronWeave Partners With OMA3 to Establish Standards for Metaverse & NFTs

Standards are a critical factor in the emerging NFT and Metaverse space. IronWeave affirms their commitment to establishing standards by joining OMA3’s mission to ensure virtual land, digital assets, ideas, and services are highly interoperable between platforms and transparent to all communities. Read more

Meet The Creators of Multi Blockchain Web3 Fabric [IronWeave Fireside Chat]

Our recent, online Fireside Chat session introduced the founders and gave a substantial accounting of what IronWeave offers.

 Each founder showed his unique strengths, commitment and shared vision for groundbreaking technology that addresses the shortcomings of existing blockchains. 

We also heard how IronWeave offers a practical onramp for Web2 companies to integrate with Web3 technologies. Watch it here.

Video screenshot of Fireside chat with IronWeave Co-Founders

Image text: What's Next for IronWeave

That’s a wrap for this edition of the IronWeave monthly update. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see how our story unfolds. At heart, it’s a simple story of a new way to manage online data, block by block. 

We welcome all the block builders, whether building a castle in a preschool, a skyscraper in Dubai, a yellow brick road, a lego starship to Mars, or a new way to securely manage and transfer digital assets. What will you build?

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