The Takeaway: EthDenver 2024

EthDenver banner - "Thank You For Visiting ETHDENVER 24

Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city. The charming downtown area where most events were held is mostly older two and three story buildings. The main venue, the National Western Complex, was historically used as a venue for cattle shows and exhibitions. That’s part of the quirky charm.

EthDenver is huge. The presenters report there were 20,000 attendees this year, a 33% increase over last year’s 15,000. So in terms of ‘an experience’, there isn't one single takeaway possible. It’s more like a choose-your-own adventure based on your interests.

The IronWeave team was there, doing their best to keep up on the latest developments in the blockchain, network with potential partners and take meetings with investors.How did we do?

All told, mission accomplished! 

There were so many great encounters, both planned and by chance that it will take weeks of follow up to reap the rewards of this mile high event. 

We asked co-founders David Iseminger and Tim O’Regan their impressions. How did people respond to the IronWeave story and then, what trends did you see while in Denver?

David Iseminger

On the question of how we were received, I was gratified seeing that IronWeave is being well received by investors and potential partners.  And I noticed a definite faster engagement when we open with "IronWeave is creating a decentralized platform for private payments, on Web3 and Web2". Events are always a great place to refine our messaging and see what people respond to.
David Iseminger, IronWeave CEO & Co-Founder
And my overall impression of EthDenver…
I saw plenty of references to the term "modular". This underscores how the idea of our modular blocks are resonating so strongly with the people we speak with. And maybe because I was looking for it, plenty of "privacy" claims. Again, that’s obviously integral to our technology.
Also overall, there’s more of an upbeat sentiment. People that are looking to deploy in the next 6+ months, rather than 'incubating' or waiting. And as mentioned, 2.5x the attendees, 2.5x the optimism about where the industry is, and 2.5x the reception from investors about what we're doing and their interest in either getting involved directly, making introductions, or otherwise 'moving' on deploying capital.

Tim O'Regan

Maybe it’s immodest to say, but IronWeave stood out at EthDenver, sparking enthusiastic discussions on our vision for a decentralized private payment infrastructure.
We were thrilled - but not really surprised that prospective partners and investors were genuinely enthusiastic about the potential for private payments and secure asset transfers.
They like the fact that we can accomplish this without needing to rely on theoretical ZK and FHE based solutions. The positive reception reaffirms IronWeave's role in shaping the future of payments.
Tim O'Regan, IronWeave Co-Founder
My key takeaway from EthDenver? Everyone talks about bringing on one billion users. But privacy is the industry's hurdle to broad adoption. IronWeave's innovative approach not only addresses this challenge but also opens doors to blockchain adoption by payment processors, RWA issuers, and beyond. Brace for a transformative era in decentralized payment technology!

We plan to return to EthDenver in 2025. With a year of ‘BUIDling’, support, and partnerships we’re confident we’ll be winning more converts to our vision of easy-to-use, secure, private payments on Web2 or Web3. 

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Check out a few more memories from our time at EthDenver.

Venue pic with banner, Thank You For Visiting ETHDENVER 24
Pic of screen with Vitalik Buterin closing keynote address, Ho to Improve the Incentives to Make Better D/Infra
EthDenver crowd in a wood beamed venue
Shot of IronWeave team with the Lynex team